A seance is a form of mediumship in which one or more people communicate with entities on another frequency. We generally refer to them as spirits who will bring there messages in many interesting way.  The word “séance” comes from the French word for “seat”, “session” or “sitting”, from the Old French seoir, “to sit”. Usually consisting of a meeting of people who are gathered to receive messages from Spirit or to listen to a spirit medium discourse with or relay messages from spirits; many people, including skeptics and non-believers, treat it as a form of entertainment.

Mediumship involves an act where the practitioner attempts to receive messages from spirits of the dead and from other spirits that the practitioner believes exist. Some mediums are fully conscious and awake while functioning as contacts; others may slip into a partial or full trance or into an altered state of consciousness.

Angelica of the Angels continues this long standing tradition on the North Shore of Boston called the “Gold Coast” that was made famous by the Hutchinson family and Irene Fenton at the famous Hammond Castle. This October join Barbara and her famous mediums for an amazing adventure! Be reconnected to your loved ones! Find your spirit guides! Be Amazed!

Seances offered:

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