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Angelica of the Angel’s specializes in a variety of spiritual readings. For each reading, our professional Salem psychic readers tune into your energy fields and work with your and our Angels, Guides, and Light Beings. We bring forward Past, Present, and Future and try to help guide you on a more positive direction upon your life’s path.

All readers at Angelica’s are experienced and have been trained through our classes. We are all light workers and spiritual counselors. Our staff of skilled readers offers a large selection of genuine spiritual and psychic readings.


• Spiritual Counseling
• Angelic Readings
• Medium
• Psychic Readings
• Tarot Card Reading
• Aura Readings
• Astrology charts
• Past Life Regression
• Meditation
• Reiki Healing
• Magnified Healing
• Energy Work
• And more…


To make or receive communication from the levels of the spirit realm, or people that have passed over. The word medium is applied to individuals who bridge the physical and nonphysical worlds.


Psychic is the focus of the mind, or of the soul. The receiving of information from beyond the range of your own conscious capacity. The “SIXTH SENSE” such as Telepathy, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, or Prophecy.


Tarot cards are symbolic in their nature for readings. During a reading, the diviner of the cards will permit his or her conscious and subconscious thought process to assign expanded meanings to each card in a manner that feels most comfortable and responsive to the vibrations that are being brought through.

Walk-In & Phone Readings:
15 Minutes ~ $30.00
20 Minutes ~ $40.00
30 Minutes ~ $60.00

Walk-In & Phone Readings with Reverend Barbara:
15 Minutes ~ $40.00
20 Minutes ~ $50.00
30 Minutes ~ $70.00

Phone Readings available by appointment only. Please call to schedule.

Readings with Rev. Barbara by appointment only.

House Parties:
Call today to schedule a house party (North Shore of Massachusetts Area Only).
Party prices vary depending upon location.

Angelica of the Angels is fully licensed by the City of Salem.

For more information regarding Psychic Readings, Private Readings, Classes, Lectures, or Parties, please call Angelica of the Angels at (978) 745-9355.