Angelica of the Angels  offers classes on spirituality, healing, and meditation.  Each class and seminar is a step in guiding you toward Happiness.


A course in raising your vibration and connecting with your Higher Self. You will learn to heal and enhance your psychic abilities. You will focus on creating your vision.

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Every week receive a potent healing and experience yourself as a healer. Various techniques of healing are explored from channeling and crystals to sound and touch. Each participant shares their vision and uses the group energy to create it step by step.

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Meditation – the quiet stilling of the rational mind – is the key that unlocks the treasures of the soul. Meditation is not a philosophy, a dogma, or an escapist’s dream. It is a practical, scientific method of expanding the human consciousness to the perception of unlimited peace, joy, and inner power. By incorporating meditation into your life, you not only access the deepest reaches of your heart and mind, but you begin to experience the flowering of your spiritual self. We bless you with angel meditations for sleep, self love meditations, angel meditations for healing, divine love meditations, and love meditations for couples.

For the beginner, it is not the method of meditation that is important, but the intention with which you approach the practice. It is difficult to let go of everyday worries and concerns and to settle down for twenty minutes of concentrated awareness, but it is even more difficult to let go of the ego. Letting go of the ego is the letting go of expectations: you cannot seek enlightenment; it is something that comes in its own time as you develop spiritually.

The key to a fulfilling meditation is the temporary shedding of your ego personality to uncover the essence of your spirit, your soul, your oneness with the cosmos.

Meditation ~ Classes Ongoing:

Monday ~ 7:00-9:00PM
Tuesday ~ 9:45-11:15AM
Tuesday ~ 7:00-9:00PM


Angelica’s offers seminars on a wide variety of subjects in the Metaphysical field. These seminars are held weekly and monthly.

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Angels, those beings of light, energy and love, have a special interest in humankind. They watch over the Earth and help us keep it – and ourselves – in balance. The love of angels sweeps like a beacon over our world and we can tap into that angel spirit by attuning ourselves through our natural higher sense perceptions.

Each of us has at least one guardian angel. This is the angel that we can develop a personal relationship with, an angel that we can turn to for nurturing and guidance. Through daily angel meditations and intuition, each one of us has access to self-knowledge, to our purpose in this world, to the grand design of our being.

Take time from your busy day to sit in stillness – listen closely to your inner self, and you may hear the voices of angels!

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