Aura Photography

Angelica of the Angels offer genuine Aura Photography, a technique that measures your energeticĀ and auric qualities. Picture of an aura photographThese energies are then exposed in a photograph that captures the aura of your feelings and emotions.

Auras have been written and talked about for thousands of years. Now Angelica of the Angels gives you the opportunity to see your aura in full color using the principles of Biofeedback Sensing Photography. We will also give you an in depth sheet into the meanings of the aura colors.

The AURA VIDEO STATION is a Multimedia Biofeedback Aura imaging System built on the principles and studies of Biofeedback, Color Psychology, Human Energy Field and Mind-Body Knowledge.

1. Face or body with 2 page report ~ $20.00
2. Face and body with 14 page report ~ $35.00
3. Face and body with 14 page report and a personal reading on an audio tape with Rev. Barbara Szafranski ~ $55.00

Aura Photography is available everyday from 11:00 AM to Closing.