Angelica of the Angels is a unique spiritual and metaphysical store located in Salem MA.

Founder Reverend Barbara E. Szafranski created the shop to share her skills and mastery of spiritual and metaphysical studies with the world.

Reverend Szafranski is a gifted reader, teacher, lecturer, and spiritual counselor. Rev. Szafranski has been studying metaphysics for over 35 years under established spiritual readers and psychics such as Dr. Earl Myer, Rev. Phyliss Ryder, and Rev. Ida Donadio.

Barbara Szafranski is a Reverend in the society of Melchizedek, Sanctuary of the Beloved, a member in the Society Bridge to Freedom, the Rosicrucian Order, the Martinist Order, and the Winged Disk. In the field of healing, she is a Reiki Master, Magnified Healer, and Energy Worker.

As an experienced reader and skilled lecturer, Rev. Szafranski offers her healing practices and spiritual readings to help guide you in a positive direction.

Rev. Szafranski and her spiritual staff offer a wide variety of quality products and genuine services. These include love readings, classes, love and kindness meditations, workshops, aura photography, spiritual gifts, books, incense, candles, jewelry, and other items that reflect the light and love, which Angels bring.

The goal of the staff at Angelica of the Angels is simple: to guide you toward your ultimate place in life with regards to your spiritual, physical, and mental aspirations. Stop on by…

Picture of Barbara Szarfranski  talented spiritual worker and medium.

Reverend Barbara
Owner & Reader

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Reverend Dimetrious

Staff, Angelica of the Angels

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Wedding and Funeral services held by Rev. Szarfranski. Reverend Barbara E. Szarfranski offers professional wedding and memorial services. Every event service is conducted with the utmost care and consideration. Barbara also provides love and happiness readings for weddings Contact Rev. Szarfranski at Angelica of the Angels for more information. To the right is a picture of Barbara marrying a happy couple.